The vegetable you should start pickling ASAP

from: by Alexandra Stafford Last summer I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a friend’s backyard vegetable bounty. Nearly every week I could count on opening my front door to find a basket teeming with beefsteak tomatoes, cucumbers, snap peas, chard, kale, and tubs of Sun Gold cherry tomatoes. I could also count […]

Cantaloupe among the fruits that gained pickling popularity in the 1800s

Hanna Raskin Email @hannaraskin – The Post and Courier If Charleston’s amateur pickle makers didn’t rush to their gardens and markets in search of preservation-worthy melons after reading a cooking column in the July 1, 1917, issue of The Sunday News, the columnist’s derisive tone was probably to blame. “Here is a sweet pickle recipe for […]

Homemade Zucchini Pickles—No Joke!

BY STACY DERMONT – Why do you lock your car doors in the Hamptons during the summer? If you leave your car unlocked, someone might fill it with zucchini. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the summer squash in your garden, do what I do and pickle ’em. They’ll look really appealing this winter, I promise. […]

100-year recipe / Taste of Japanese mom / Instant vegetable pickles

by The Yomiuri Shimbun   –   The Japan News Japanese pickles, called tsukemono, have a long history. A description of gourds and other vegetables preserved with salt has been found on wooden plates that date from the Nara period in the eighth century. As many as 64 different pickles, including those developed in the […]

Eats: Jalapeno Bread And Butter Pickles

By Aimee Misovich – Hello! As mentioned in my previous post, I really enjoyed sampling all the goodies at Galena Canning Company’s two stores in Galena, IL. It was so hard to choose a favorite or two for purchase that I ended up not buying anything. I came very close to purchasing a jar […]