Sliced Jalapeño Singles

Tito’s portion pack sliced jalapeños are the product our company was built on and that tradition continues today. Our individual packages of nacho sliced jalapeños are full of flavor and conveniently packed to provide the perfect portion. These jalapeño packages boast zero fat, low calories and a one-year shelf life. They are shelf stable so you can take them anywhere as they do not require refrigeration. jalapeños-in-a-pouch are the perfect way to spice up a meal and compliment nachos, hot dogs, sandwiches and all sorts of foods perfectly.

Tito’s portion packages reduce waste and health department violations associated with bulk condiment dispensing. No food handling certification? No problem! Our portion pak jalapeños are individually UPC coded and stamped with a “Sell By” date to ensure your inventories are fresh and accurate. Cut hands, mislabeling and transferring of product from #10 cans are things of the past. Our individual jalapeño packs are the most convenient way to provide your customers with great tasting jalapeños without the hassles.

Tito’s 1.0 oz portion packs of sliced jalapeños are available in a 20/48 count Display Master Shipper (Item # 5181) which contains twenty (20) of our 48 count Retail Display Boxes (item # 5136).  Tito’s sliced jalapeno portion packages are also available in a 150 count bulk box (item # 5143) and 300 count bulk box (item # 5150). The gravity-fed Retail Display Box is a great retail merchandiser for our portion pack Jalapenos and looks fantastic next to nacho and roller grill displays.  The bulk kraft boxes provide an economical means to conveniently provide your customers with great jalapeños while increasing sales and profits. Many Tito’s customers use our bulk boxes to replace #10 cans, gallon jars and souffle cups to provide their customers with more sanitary and conveniently packaged jalapeños with their orders while other customers use our bulk boxes to refill Tito’s attractive displays or for their own merchandising solutions.

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