Jumbo Dill PickelTito’s Big Fat Juicy© Jumbo Dill Pickles with brine

Jumbo Dill Pickles with brine are individually wrapped. This is our original flavor jumbo dill pickle packaged with the extra juice in the bag that pickle lovers demand. Pour it on your popcorn, your snow cone, drink it or do whatever you crazy pickle lovers do. It’s all there for the taking! First we take a premium cucumber graded especially for pickle lovers to ensure a massive size with equally massive flavor and crunch. Dill is added for a classic flavored pickle and the pickle is packaged with extra pickle juice in the bag for the full pickle eating experience. You get a giant dill pickle and premium pickle juice too. What else could a pickle fanatic ask for? Tito’s Big Fat Juicy Jumbo Dill Pickle is the original flavored pickle for a reason…because it’s GREAT!

Tito’s Big Fat Juicy© Jumbo  Dill Pickles with brine are available in 24 count bulk cases.

To order please call 830-626-1123