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Texas Tito’s the highest quality peppers and pickles

Tito’s is proud to be the world leader in portion pack jalapenos and portion pack cascabella peppers. In fact, we invented the product category. Tito’s products are shipped worldwide for food service, retail, fast food, convenience stores, concession stands and institutional customers demanding high quality jalapenos and yellow chilies that are conveniently packaged while maintaining fresh flavor and texture.

The great taste of Tito’s portion pak jalapenos and cascabellas can also be found in our 12 ounce deli cups. Recently Tito’s individually packaged jumbo dill pickles have started experiencing the same success as our proven line of single serve jalapenos and single serve peppers. All Tito’s products are certified kosher including this new line of individually wrapped dill pickles in three exciting flavors available with or without brine in the bags!

If you are looking for a healthy snack or condiment our individually packed peppers and pickles-in-a-pouch are a convenient way to enjoy a zero fat, zero carbs, low calorie and gluten-free snack anywhere and anytime. Tito’s products are packaged with no brine for no-mess eating enjoyment. While every bite is still juicy and fresh our unique packaging reduces messes making enjoying pickles and peppers while traveling, in movie theaters, at work or at home a more enjoyable experience than ever! Tito’s individual pickles are now also available with brine in the bags for those wanting the full jumbo dill pickle eating experience.

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What our customers think


"I love Tito’s pickles!"

I love Tito’s pickles! The individual ones are my favorite. They are so easy to just throw in my kid’s lunch bag, or grab for a quick snack, or even to bring to work! The best part is that they are not messy. They aren’t in a bunch of liquid, but they are just as crisp and juicy as if they were

"Tito’s peppers are awesome! "

Tito’s peppers are awesome! They are nice and spicy and flavorful. I love the sliced ones because I can easily add them to my food when I order out.

"It’s a win-win!"

Tito’s peppers make a great snack. My kids love hot stuff and I love knowing that I can give them a quick, healthy snack with no mess. It’s a win-win!