What’s the Dill With Pickle Juice in a Cocktail?

By Greg Nagel   –   Orange Coast Magazine My uncle once told me about his award-winning family-secret margarita recipe. “Just add a little bit of pickle juice and you’ll blow everyone’s minds!” he would say. The thought of citrus, tequila, and pickle juice may seem like an odd combination on paper, but it actually shores up a […]

Are Jalapenos Healthy For You?

By AREEBA HUSSAIN  –   Reports Healthcare Jalapeños are those spicy chili peppers that you often add to your favorite fast food. They belong to the hot pepper family and due to their distinctive taste; it is easier to add them to many recipes. Naturally, they are small and green or red. They are spicier than green […]

Selling pickles like wine: Premium consumer products from Bharat

From local spirits like feni to fine garments, our products with a little more flair without being bashful about the price might just help revive traditional cottage industries. By Sahil Kini   –   livemint.com My grandmother makes a particular lemon pickle that, in our family, is treated like gold. Aged over years, and in one particular bottle’s […]

The First Annual Vodka and Pickles Festival Gets Creative

Local restaurants present pairings for the festival, held at Grand Prospect Hall on March 18th – tickets on sale now on Brown Paper Tickets.   BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 20, 2018 Creatively crafted vodka mixed drinks, unlimited pickled dishes, and live entertainment are just a few things guests will find at Grand Prospect Hall on March […]

A lawyer came to court drunk, the Bar says. That was just the start of his problems.

BY DAVID J. NEAL   –   Miami Herald A Florida lawyer with the name “Pickles” showed up in court pickled and found himself in a pickle with the Internal Revenue Service over years of unpaid income taxes, the Florida Bar said. The state Supreme Court also found fault with this behavior, which is why Cocoa lawyer […]