Barkhamsted’s Simply Jam is simply delicious

Barkhamsted’s Simply Jam is simply delicious By John Torsiello BARKHAMSTED — There’s a strong, spicy, tear-producing aroma in the air of the kitchen at the Colebrook Senior Center, that makes a visitor cough a little and head back to the entry door. Mike and Julia Stewart chuckle a bit and follow. “It does hit you […]

Pineapple on pizza is actually good — you’ve just been eating it wrong

Pineapple on pizza is actually good — you’ve just been eating it wrong Pineapples on pizza makes the best slice, but it is supernal when you add this one magic ingredient AMANDA MARCOTTE JULY 18, 2019 11:00PM (UTC) Of the many pizza debates in America, by far the most divisive, the kind that turns brother […]

Here’s what makes a winning burger at 2019 Burger Brawl in Philadelphia

by Michael Klein, Updated: September 16, 2019 COURTESY BURGER BRAWL Chris Barnes and his crew at Lucky’s Last Chance must be feeling like big dills after capturing first place among the judges and third place among attendees at the 2019 edition of Burger Brawl, a grilling competition that drew a record 3,900 people and 50-plus restaurants and chefs […]

45,000 and growing. Pickle Parade in Mansfield sweet success with legion of fans

By:By Nicholas Sakelaris Fort Worth Star- Telegram   (photo By: Nicholas Sakelaris Special to the Star-Telegram ) It’s a pickle that looks like a rocket. Or a rocket that looks like a pickle. Either way, this dill garnered a lot of attention in the Pickle Parade.   The Pickle Queens were barely finished throwing their beads […]

Grillo’s Pickles New Shoe, “The Pickle,” Is A Limited Edition Collab With Ewing Athletics

By Emma Lord Bustle Photo by:  Grillo’s Pickles Grillo’s limited edition pickle shoes. Ah, the struggle as old as time: knowing in your heart that pickles are the superior snack to end all other snacks, but not having a way to properly communicate that belief in a nonverbal way to strangers on the street. Well, […]