Texas Tito’s expanding with New Braunfels Facility

Original article Appeared March 3, 2022 in MySA.com by Gabriel Romero Texas Tito’s spicy snacks is set to expand facilities in New Braunfels. The iconic pickle-in-a-pouch company’s  38,652 square-foot building will hold its new business office, warehouse and production facility. “The building allows for future expansion and building additions have been planned into the initial design,” […]

Is Kombucha Good For You – Kombucha Health Benefits Guide

By David Dewitt  Originally Appearing on COZYCOFFEE You have heard of kombucha, but perhaps you have not yet dared to try it. You have an idea, but you don’t know exactly what kombucha is, and you are intrigued by its name and its many benefits as a healthy drink. If so, keep reading. In this […]

$80 worth of extra pickles on a Burger King Whopper? WOW!!

This is what happens when you order US$80 of extra pickles on a Burger King Whopper MikeFeb 25, 2016 We continue our tradition of pushing the limits of our local Burger King staff’s kindness by ordering a double Whopper topped with around 80 bucks worth of pickles. Sometimes, as a web-based writer, when a good news […]

So Pickle Pizza is a Thing Now…

restaurantconnection via Instagram Pickle Pizza is a Thing Now and People Have a Lot of Opinions About It Let’s get one thing straight: It’s pretty hard to mess up a pizza. While there’s nothing better than the classic combo of sauce, cheese, and dough, Americans have long since been topping their pizzas with everything imaginable. We’ve seen pizza with […]

Jalapeño Plant Care – How To Grow Jalapeño Peppers

Jalapeno Plant Care – How To Grow Jalapeno Peppers Peppers By: Susan Patterson, Master Gardener Printer Friendly Version Image by TennesseePhotographer The jalapeno pepper plant is a member of the hot pepper family and shares company with other fiery hot varieties such as tobacco, cayenne and cherry. Jalapenos are the only pepper that isn’t allowed […]