Pickle Soup From Poland Is Available To Purchase On Amazon & It’s A Mainstay Every Pickle Lover Should Try

ByCallie Tansill-Suddath Bustle   Pickle Soup it’s  perfectly picklelicious ! (photo by : Amazon ) Soup might not be the first food that comes to mind when you think about summer. But, don’t count it out just yet. Have you ever spent a day at the beach, only to return home to a freezing house? […]

Don’t throw out that pickle juice

By: Leah Koenig  Mother Nature Network Turns out that brine can punch up your potato salad, take the edge off onions and even make a good drink.. (Photo: Tanechka/Shutterstock)   Pickling is enjoying a comeback in American cuisine. Once a standard kitchen practice, home food preservation dwindled in the pro-industrial, pro-consumer climate that reigned over the […]

The Little Pepper That Could

By: Ryan Bradley  Eater Illustrations by Chrissy Curtin The chile looks a lot like a jalapeno and, well, it tastes like a jalapeno, too. But, you know, different. I first noticed it when I was eating the rice and beans at B.S. Taqueria downtown Los Angeles. The dish — the rice and beans — had […]

Pickle Soap

    By: Patra Beaulieu Geek Alert    You can find bath products inspired by just about every delicious fruit. Passion fruit, mango, raspberry… you name it, they’ve got it. There are many cucumber soaps that smell fresh, but if it’s the marinated cucumber scent you’re after look no further than Pickle Soap.   The delicious […]

Done Hiding Their Shameful Secret, Pickle-Juice Drinkers Go Public

By Julie Jargon The Wall Street Journal    ‘I am a closeted pickle-juice drinker,’ says Dawn Crosswhite. Photo: Dawn Crosswhite Nikki Ashton West of Evadale, Texas, has gone to great lengths to hide her habit of drinking pickle juice. “I have to sneak around,” says Ms. Ashton West, 19, “and go brush my teeth right […]