Now is a good time to catch up on ‘Kidding’

By Alexis Nedd Mashable musical number starring something called “The Pickle Nickel Choir. Image: Erica Parise/SHOWTIME There used to be a tier of celebrity that seemed unimpeachable. They were the icons, the people whose front-facing personas dovetailed so nicely with public opinion that everyone felt like they existed in a world apart from regular humans […]

Pickle Flavor Is Overtaking Avocados As The Millennial Staple Food Trend

By: Gene Kosowan the talko Pickle Flavor is the new  food trend   A generation that’s known to be fickle is finding satisfaction with a pickle. No kidding here folks, it seems everyone’s favorite vegetable that’s fine in brine has become the trendiest taste among millennials. It makes sense, actually, strictly on color alone. The […]

Preserve jalapeños now for chipotles, pickles and more heat all winter long

By: Ari LeVaux, More Southern Kitchen  Jalapeños are a all time fav   Sriracha sauce, for example, is made from red, ripe jalapeños. Mexican escabeche, meanwhile, is a style of pickles made with carrots, herbs and green jalapeños. Green jalapeños can also be roasted like a New Mexico green chile, and with comparable flavor. I’ve […]

All’s fair at the fair

By:Jennifer K. Bauer and Michelle Schmidt The Lewiston Tribute  Outdoing Dagwood: Fair food is all about excess. Here are the ingredients for Inland 360’s ultimate fair food burger, from bottom to top: glazed doughnut, bottom half; hamburger patty; bacon; curly fries; nacho cheese sauce; hamburger patty; potato chips; ice cream bar; one whole pickle; glazed […]

M&M’S Is Debuting Global-Inspired Flavors Like Mexican Jalapeño

By Maya McDowell  delish Jalapeno M&M’S…hmmm…   According to Instagram users, M&M’S is releasing three flavors that are a far cry from the classic milk chocolate-flavored candies, or even the peanut version. Brent Timm, behind SnackChatLive (“The wildest and wackiest food vlog in the galaxy!”), posted a photo of the unreleased M&M’S. Per the wrappers, […]