‘Pickle Subs’ Are The Most Delicious Low-carb Alternative To Your Favorite Sandwich

By: Augusta Statz


pickle subs is the new way to make a sandwich

If you’re looking for a way to satisfy your craving for a big, juicy sub but still want to keep things low-carb, this no-bread hack is for you. “Pickle subs” call for swapping bread for large pickle slices so you can still enjoy a sandwich (minus the bread) in a way that’s way more inventive than a lettuce wrap.

This video from Delish shows how you can take large pickles, slice and core them and then layer them with mayo, mustard, ham, cheese and tomato to create a sub-style sandwich that’s so good, you won’t miss the bread.

These will surely upgrade your desk lunch, make a great snack for the kids or be a crowd-pleasing appetizer. Of course, you can substitute the sandwich ingredients to include your favorites.
For example, a recipe from Canadian Cooking Adventures shows how you can layer pickled beef brisket, Swiss cheese and thousand island dressing in between pickle slices to create a low-carb version of a classic Reuben sandwich.

Phot0 by: Canadian Cooking Adventures

A version from Wicked Stuffed also details how you can give tuna salad an upgrade by layering it between pickle slices. This recipe suggests adding fresh dill to go along with the salt and pepper. Yummy.

Phot0 By:Wicked Stuffed

You can also skip the bread when creating a classic “wrap.” This recipe from Unsophisticook shows how you can place cream cheese wedges around a pickle and then wrap everything in a slice of dried beef. Slice them into rounds and you’ve got yourself one delicious snack or appetizer.

Phot0 by: Unsophisticook


The Momdot website also points out that these roll-ups are so easy to make, you can get your kids in on the action. So, meal prep just got a bit easier! Plus, look at how adorable this version looks in a kid’s lunchbox, and it simply calls for turkey, American cheese and a little mayo.

Photo by: The Momdot

With sub, sandwich and wrap recipes this delicious, your bread-eating days are numbered!

Pickle bouquets are the best thing to happen to Valentine’s Day since chocolate

By: Erica Chayes Wida


Grillo’s Pickles created a bouquet made of its finest pickles. And it’s easy to make.

( Photo by:Grillo’s Pickles)

Guys, Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s a really big dill.

It’s a great time to remind all loved ones (spouses, moms, dads, dates, baes and kids included) how much they really mean to you. While a card or some roses often fit the bill, why not go the extra step on Feb. 14 with an edible bouquet made out of … pickles!

Sure, fresh flowers may smell like fairies bathing in a glistening glen, but pickles are also pretty magical. Plus, pizza bouquets are so last season.

A pickle can be sweet, it can be sour (anyone else drawing a parallel to love?) and best of all, it won’t wilt over time — as long as it’s eaten quickly.
Grillo’s Pickles, the Boston-based pickle company behind the novel idea, isn’t actually selling pre-made pickle bouquets, but their founder told  TODAY  Food why the brand wants its loyal followers to make their own this year.

“Not only is a pickle bouquet more beautiful than a dozen red roses, and healthier than a standard box of chocolate, it’s also far more creative,” Grillo’s founder and CEO Travis Grillo told TODAY. “Grillo’s Hot Italian Dill pickles make it easy for consumers to spice things up with their hottie, while the brand’s Bread & Butter pickles offer a low-cal treat for sweeties nationwide.”

Grillo said that his team drew inspiration for the bouquet from the traditional, 100-year-old Italian family recipe the company still uses today: Cucumbers, salt, dill, garlic, water, grape leaves and vinegar. That’s why they added whole bulbs of garlic and fresh dill to the pickled arrangement.

“We know there are a lot of pickle lovers out there that would love nothing more than to get a Valentine’s Day gift loaded with their favorite snack,” Grillo added.
If reactions on Twitter are any indication about the popularity of pickles, Grillo is spot on.
For years, pickle fiends have been fantasizing about a tangy edible arrangement.

Since Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates love, it’s probably best if pickles are prepared to look pretty decent.
Straight from Grillo’s expert florists — pickle-ists? — here’s how to craft the ultimate pickle bouquet.

Pick up a selection of your favorite pickles. Grillo’s recommends using a few different kinds like dill, hot chips, bread and butter and a variety of spheres and whole pickles.
Arrange the pickle spears and chips into a bouquet shape using bamboo kebab skewers and toothpicks.

Garnish with your choice of festive (or delicious) extras, from fresh herbs to colorful peppers.
And if you really want to try your hand at craftiness, try rolling little slices of pizza into the arrangement. After all, pickle-topped pizza has won over pickle fans in the past.



Creamy Dill Pickle Dressing Is The Absolute Best Way To Use Leftover Pickle Juice

By: Marie Rossiter

Magic Valley 

( photo by: Sinful Nutrition)

Creamy dill pickle salad dressing is a great way to reuse pickle juice


Once reserved primarily as a burger topping, pickles have stepped into the spotlight for recipes including ice cream, cupcakes, quick bread, and even cocktails. But not all pickle recipes are on the strange side — for example, creamy dill pickle salad dressing is something we had never considered before, but it makes perfect sense. After all, pickles are just flavored-up cucumbers, right?Sinful Nutrition shared a creamy dill pickle salad dressing recipe she thought up because she couldn’t face dumping the leftover pickle juice down the drain. “You put vinegar in salad dressing, so why not pickle juice?!” Writes blogger Emily Cooper. “No more brines left behind.”

Cooper added one avocado, along with some olive oil, to come up with a tangy dressing that is paleo-friendly, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. The blogger behind Yang’s Nourishing Kitchen prefers to use the juice from fermented pickles as the base of her salad dressing recipe. Fermented pickles, also known as Jewish kosher pickles, have lactic bacteria — “good bacteria” — from its brining process. This bacteria is actually good for our digestive systems because of their probiotic qualities, Yang writes.


You can find fermented pickles in the refrigerated section of your favorite grocery stores. Why? They do not contain vinegar, which acts as a preservative. As a result, they cannot be placed on the shelves due to spoilage risk, she writes.


For this pickle juice salad dressing with summer herbs, Yang adds fresh ingredients such as garlic, dill, and parsley to brighten up the taste. Also, she adds a dash of Dijon mustard to kick up the salad just a little bit.If creaminess isn’t your thing, there are a few other dill pickle dressing recipes out there, including a vinaigrette from Tasting Table and another from Food 52.
Have fun dressing your salads!

Dill Pickle Pasta Salad Is Both Creamy And Crunchy

By:Kate Streit

Sioux City Journal 


( Photo by:Spend With Pennies)

If you love the flavor of dill pickles, you need to give this creamy, crunchy dill pickle pasta salad.


A word of warning. The dill pickle flavor is strong with this one, so if you’re not yet a convert, it may be a bit much for you. However, Holly, the blogger behind the site, notes that you could also add sweet pickles to the recipe, which I’m guessing would balance out the flavor a bit.

One more tip — be sure to use white onions, not yellow, to avoid an overpowering onion taste.

This simple recipe takes just 20 minutes to put together and is sure to be a crowd pleaser. And it’s even better when made ahead of time, making it ideal if you have to prep for a potluck or barbecue.

Of course, pasta salad is not the only dish in which dill pickle is popping up. Devotees to the humble pickle have been incorporating it in all kinds of unexpected ways. Take, for example, this dill pickle bacon grilled cheese sandwich. It’s salty, tangy, crunchy, cheesy and just downright delicious

People If you feel like the world has gone pickle-crazy, it turns out our obsession with pickles and everything pickle-flavored actually comes with some health benefits. They’re packed with vitamin K, which helps maintain strong bones and also helps your body stop bleeding if you’re injured . People have even found a way to get dill into desserts, like with these salty-and-sweet dill pickle cupcakes.

The green color would make these the perfect treat for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

They’re also a fermented food, which means they contain beneficial probiotics, which are essential for gut health.


The high amount of sodium in pickles, however, is a double-edged sword. While they can help restore balance if you’re dehydrated and can even help relieve muscle cramps, too much salt can make you bloated and harm your heart health.

Everything in moderation!

This Stuffed Dill Pickle Appetizer Is All You Need At Your Next Party

By: Augusta Statz

Magic Valley 


If you’re looking for the perfect savory appetizer to serve guests at your next party, look no further. Not only is this appetizer option memorable, but it’s sure to be delicious — especially for a pickle-loving crowd.

(photo by: Little Dairy On The Prairie)


This recipe for Stuffed Dill Pickles from Mid-Life Croissant takes the average dip situation and raises it up a notch. You’re not going to make a dip that’s placed in a bowl and served with pickles and pretzels. Oh no. Instead, you’re going to put the dip inside of a pickle that’s been sliced in half and cored in the middle — an appetizer you’ve likely never seen before.
Perhaps the best part of all is that the recipe only calls for four ingredients: pickles, goat cheese, parsley and oregano.


This appetizer is salty, cheesy, has pickles and is packed full of flavor. What more could you ask for?

And lucky for you, this isn’t the only pickle-filled starter dish that exists. If you’d still prefer a classic dip with plenty of bread slices and more for dunking, this recipe for a pickle cheeseball will change how you serve appetizers once and for all. Because seriously, if your appetizer selection doesn’t involve pickles, you’ve been doing it all wrong.

The recipe comes from Little Dairy On The Prairie and combines cream cheese, dill spice and dill pickles to create the ultimate topping for crackers and more:

And for yet another cheese and pickle appetizer combination your guests are sure to love, you can also easily make non-traditional cheese sticks by adding a dill pickle to the mix.

The recipe from Delish shows how you can transform pickles by stuffing them with mozzarella cheese, rolling them in an egg wash and bread crumbs and baking them right up.

Can Pickle Juice Really Cure a Hangover?


By:Kasandra Brabaw

Here’s what you need to know before swigging brine from the jar in your fridge.


When you wake up with a pounding head and cotton-dry mouth the night after one (or a few) too many drinks, you’ll likely find yourself Googling ways to get rid of your hangover, fast. And when you do, you may stumble upon a suggestion to throw back some pickle juice.

Some claim that pickle brine is the reason Polish people don’t get hangovers. Even Dr. Oz has endorsed pickle juice as a hangover cure. According to him, the salts in pickle juice replenish electrolytes that you lose while drinking, which can make your headache disappear. But is getting over a hangover really as easy as taking a swig from the pickle jar in your fridge?

Well, probably not. “The main thing to understand with hangovers is that they usually happen because people are dehydrated, and then also you probably didn’t get much sleep,” Tochi Iroku-Malize, MD, a practicing family physician in Long Island, New York, tells Health. So yes, salty pickle brine might help with the electrolytes you’ve lost if you peed a lot, or maybe even threw up, the night before. But taking a shot of pickle juice in the morning won’t make your hangover disappear if you’re not also drinking lots of water and nursing your hangover with a nap.

Alcohol acts as a diuretic, which means that it’ll make you pee more than usual. That’s why you may find you have to go so often during a boozy night out and one of the reasons you feel so dehydrated the morning after. Yes, you lose electrolytes in pee—but it’s the water that really matters. “When you’re losing water, you need to continue to replace that,” Dr. Iroku-Malize says. She suggests that people drink a whole glass of water with every alcoholic drink to make the hangover sting less.

The only way to really prevent a hangover is to not drink too much, Dr. Iroku-Malize says. Her definition of “not too much” is one drink a day for women and two for men. Of course, it’s not exactly realistic that you’ll stick to only one drink every day, especially when special occasions like birthdays, holidays, and New Year’s Eve roll around. The next best thing to do is drink lots and lots of water—not gulp down some pickle juice.

If you had a particularly sweaty drunken night, a sports drink might help the resulting hangover, Dr. Iroku-Malize adds. Sports drinks are specially formulated to balance athletes’ electrolytes. Once upon a time, scientists thought pickle juice might do the same thing. In 2014, a small study of nine runners tested whether or not drinking pickle juice before exercising would keep them from cramping. “This is maybe why people think pickle juice will help with dehydration,” Dr. Iroku-Malize says. There was one problem though: The study didn’t show any difference in performance or cramping between drinking pickle juice or drinking plain old water.

Then again, it didn’t do any harm, either. So if you’re invested in the idea of pickle juice as a cure—and you don’t mind the taste—go ahead and drink around a quarter cup next time you’re in need of hangover relief. But follow your pickle juice swig with a few cups of water, some aspirin or ibuprofen, and maybe a nap.

Why fermented cocktails are the next big drinks trend

By: Kate Strick 

Evening Standard 

Adding pickle juice to your cocktail can cure hangovers

Drinking a Bloody Mary to cure a hangover doesn’t sound groundbreaking but Florence Cherruault’s concoction is super-powered. The Hackney mixologist and founder of The Pickle House says her revolutionary new cocktails will boost your immune system, curb sugar cravings and save you from a deadly headache the next day. The secret, she says, lies in a dusty Mason jar at the back of your kitchen cabinet.

The wonder ingredient is pickle juice, which is the miracle elixir behind Cherruault’s award-winning cocktail mix company and the name of her new book. It launches this month and it’s a micro-manual for surviving party season: a master guide to the capital’s hottest fermented concoctions, from a fiery Hawksmoor Bloody Mary to Cherruault’s own signature blend: spice, tomato juice and The Pickle House’s Original Pickle Juice, served over vodka.

It’s the ultimate hangover cure, says Cherruault. “The pickle juice is full of electrolytes which help rehydrate the body with nutrients, so there’s a health side to adding it into cocktails.” It’s also proven to soothe muscle cramps, boost vitamins and help with weight loss — crucial for surviving December’s revelry.

But there’s more than Bloody Marys: the book covers 50 of Cherruault’s hero recipes including a crowd-pleasing Dirty Pickled Martini, a refreshing Cucumber and Ginger Shrub and a fiery Pickleback (a shot of whisky followed by a shot of pickle juice) inspired by a trip to New York. “It’s very much a love it or hate it thing,” Cherruault explains. It’s a bit like trying your first coffee. “If you don’t like it the first time, you should always try a second.”

She’s always liked the sharp, briny taste of pickles ever since that trip to the US but understands that it can be a little “harsh” for the uninitiated. Which is why she includes a whole section on shrubs: pickles’ sweeter, fruit-infused cousin.


“It’s an easier way into drinking vinegar,” says Cherruault, and perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Try the apple and cinnamon shrub for a festive tipple or join a cucumber shrub masterclass at Pickle Juice’s book launch this Wednesday at Coal Drops Yard.

It’s a customer favourite and pairs well with a G&T, though the beauty of a shrub is it makes a perfect mocktail if you want a night off drinking. “When you’ve got apple cider vinegar or pickle juice in your cocktail, it adds a depth of flavour to it,” says Cherruault. “It’s not like you’re just having Shloer.”


Which is important: people want that kick that makes them feel like they’re drinking something alcoholic. “The acidity from the vinegar adds a similar depth of flavour as spirits, so you can’t drink it as quickly as a really sugary drink,” she continues. Her mocktail of choice is one part shrub to three parts soda water, an alternative to sweet cordials, and a signature blend at neighbouring The Little Duck Picklery in Dalston.

Dirty Bones, Ping Pong and Sketch also offer fermented cocktails — some of which are in the book — but the beauty of pickle juice is how easy it is to make at home (and how colourful it looks in your cupboards). She wants Pickle Juice to be a beginners’ guide for mastering the art of fermented drinks but hopes that Londoners will start to get creative. Send in your own pickled elixir for a chance to be included on Cherruault’s website (or perhaps the next book). In the meantime, stock up Mason jars and get pickled, minus the hangover.

Pickle Juice Soda Is Actually Real, Here’s Where to Find It

By: Wide Open eats 



pickle juice soda be the perfect gift for your favorite pickle lover!



Pickles are just a magical thing. Whether you’re trying pickle ice pops or pickle vodka, the health benefits of pickles are what brings people back to the fermented jars every week and the grocery store. For those who just relish the taste of pickle juice, the latest concoction from Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop will be a big dill: Pickle Juice Soda.

The store, with three locations in Pennsylvania and Ohio, is now stocking 12-ounce glass bottles of the stuff for $2.65 a pop. However, if you can’t make the trip, Grandpa Joe’s will ship it to your front door for the pretty penny of $9.99 per bottle. You can also find it online at Soda Emporium for just $2.99 per bottle, without the shipping fees from Grandpa Joe’s. Could a six-pack of dill pickle juice soda be the perfect gift for your favorite pickle lover?

Believe it or not, demand has been out the door, and shipped orders could take between five and 10 days to make their way from the Midwest. The power of the pickle and the excitement around this soda is basically a lifestyle. Many say the soda tastes spot-on, and has even helped satisfy a pickle craving or two along the way for a real pickle fan.

While you could pay the price for pickle juice soda to get those health benefits, you could also try cooking with pickle juice. In fact, In-N-Out’s sauce has a secret ingredient that makes all the difference. Of course, that’s not all pickles appear in, apart from the pickled pop. Did you know people love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches?


This isn’t Grandpa Joe’s first foray into the world of weird and wild flavors in his candy stores in western Pennsylvania. They also stock items like bacon-flavored frosting and macaroni and cheese-scented air fresheners.

Would ever try this new soda? The carbonation with tangy pickle juice on your taste buds tastes delicious. Of course if you’re not into the idea of pure cane sugar and pickle juice together, maybe this gallon of pickle juice is for you to make your own pickle popsicles at home. That’s not all, either. Did you hear about Sonic’s Pickle Juice slushies from the summer? Now that’s an interesting way to use leftover pickle juice.

Walmart’s Pickle Lover Gift Packs Are A Dill-icious Dream Come True

By :Callie Tansill-Suddath


If you thought pickle madness ended with the summer, think again. Earlier this year, the (internet) world was dazzled and confused by a focus on the deli counter staple. While jars of the sour spears are present in many refrigerators, rarely have they been used to flavor everything from slushes to popcorn, the way they were in the summer of 2018; if you know someone who was plugged into the trend, Walmart has created what might be the perfect gift for a devoted pickle head. The Deluxe Pickle Lovers Gift Pack is just that: packed with everything a pickle lover could ever need (and more!).


The Deluxe Pickle Lovers Gift Pack from Walmart is filled with essentials for anyone who claims to be devoted to the snack. For a little under $35, you get a (reusable) tin filled with pickle bandages, pickle lip balm, pickle mints, a pickle-shaped stress toy, an “I Love Pickles” Can Koozie, an “I Heart Pickles” Wristband, and some Dill Pickle Salt. So, not only does this gift set provide you with accessory essentials, it touches on lip care and cupboard essentials. There is not one emergency, pickle-related or un-pickle-related, it cannot meet. What more could you possibly need?

Deluxe Pickle Lovers Gift Set( Photo By : Walmart)

Well, now that you mention it, an actual pickle-flavored snack would be nice. Don’t worry, Walmart has that covered, too. In fact, there is an entire section of the website devoted to pickle gift packs. You can find it on the Walmart website if you search “Pickle addicts.”


In the EXTREME Pickle Lovers Gift Pack, you will find everything in the standard Pickle Lovers Gift Set, as well as a bag of pickle-flavored gummy candy. If on second thought you realize you ONLY want edible pickle gifts, that is an option, too! The Extreme Pickle Candy Sampler Gift Pack offers an assortment of pickle-flavored confections; it includes pickle-flavored lollipops, pickle-flavored mints, a giant pickle gummy, and not one but two varieties of pickle-flavored hard candies (in original and spicy).

Extreme Pickle Candy Sampler Gift Pack( Photo By : Walmart)


It goes without saying pickles have been around for a long time — back to the B.C. era, according to PBS! — but the archaic food preservation method found new life this past summer after an explosion of pickle-flavored oddities.
Drive-in chain Sonic made headlines and earned a feature in the Food and Wine with the addition of a pickle-flavored slush to its summer sweet treat menu. Apparently, the sip was pretty well-executed, too; it’s not like you got a mouthful of pickle brine. But if that sounds good to you, artisan small batch cocktail brine is also available from Washington, DC-based Gordy’s Pickle Jar. KFC even got in on the trend recently with the release of its Pickle Fried Chicken over the summer.

Unfortunately, none of these are ideal holiday gifts, seeing as most of them were seasonal (and it’s difficult to gift wrap fried chicken). So, Walmart’s specially-designed gift packs for pickle lovers are your best bet. Those detailed above are only a few of what the online store is carrying, so be sure to explore everything Walmart has to offer to satisfy your sour soul and tastebuds.



Pickle Bloody Mary Mix Is A Brunch Game-Changer

By Lindsay Funston


A Pickle Bloody Mary is the new pickle trend!


Don’t trust people who don’t love Bloody Mary’s. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. They’re the ultimate brunch partner—they cure your hangovers, they go great with everything from chicken & waffles to burgers, and they’re so complex: salty, spicy, and briny. I’m also someone who doesn’t trust people who don’t like a pickle in their bloody. When I heard that Gordy’s Pickle Jar—the brilliant minds behind canned pickle brine—were adding their prized brine to bloody mary mix, I was SO game.

I traveled to Washington D.C. to meet the power couple behind Gordy’s, Sarah Gordon and Sheila Fain, and make some mix! This wasn’t my first rodeo making bloody mary mix (the Nashville hot chicken mix I made in Tennessee was insane), but the women’s recipe definitely sets itself apart. It’s super bright, thanks to fresh dill and cucumber juice (game-changer btw), intensely peppery, and has an intense kick; they stir in brine left over from their pickled cherry peppers.
The mix is a must-drink (and, ahem, perfect holiday gift) for any pickle or bloody mary lover.