Spice up your concessions game with Texas Tito’s Sliced Jalapeno portion packs!

Nothing goes better on nachos than Jalapeno peppers. We know jalapenos SELL nachos as well as other concession items and our portion packs get this done in a neat, clean, and sanitary package. Our portion packed Jalapenos go great with your traditional concession items – nachos, hot dogs, burgers, BBQ, and pizza.

These are the SANITARY Jalapenos you’ve been looking for! Our Jalapeno portion packs make it easy for your ops teams – no mess, no handling and marking open containers of condiments and improved inventory management and portion control.

Our innovative Jalapeno solution was the first in the marketplace and a great compliment to many types of setups. We’ve all seen the typical Jalapeno solution; it’s messy jugs and cups, bulk salsa/condiment bars or simply no jalapenos at all. Your customers crave a sanitary alternative – It’s time to kick the cup and junk the jug!

All our pepper and pickle products are shelf stable for one year and do not require refrigeration.

Contact us now to upgrade your concession game! Jalapeno up!



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