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Athletes have been consuming pickles and pickle juice for years to reduce cramps, replenish electrolytes and fight dehydration from heat stress.

As an employer, you look to provide a safe working environment for all employees and that includes taking steps to prevent cramping and reduce dehydration. Texas Tito’s Jumbo Dill Pickles with Brine can help your work force avoid cramps caused by work site dehydration and help them stay safe on the job!

Tito’s Jumbo Dill Pickles ship 24 to the case and are individually packaged for easy grab and go consumption while on the job. Each sanitary 15 oz package comes complete with one Jumbo Dill Pickle and just the right amount of premium pickle brine (juice) to satisfy the pickle lovers craving while replenishing lost salt.

Our Jumbo Dill Pickles with Brine ship in both original and spicy to satisfy your pickle needs!

All our pepper and pickle products are shelf stable for one year and do not require refrigeration.

Contact us now and let Texas Tito’s help you keep your work site on target!