Pickle Juice Soda Is Actually Real, Here’s Where to Find It

By: Wide Open eats  Rare   pickle juice soda be the perfect gift for your favorite pickle lover!     Pickles are just a magical thing. Whether you’re trying pickle ice pops or pickle vodka, the health benefits of pickles are what brings people back to the fermented jars every week and the grocery store. […]

Walmart’s Pickle Lover Gift Packs Are A Dill-icious Dream Come True

By :Callie Tansill-Suddath Bustle If you thought pickle madness ended with the summer, think again. Earlier this year, the (internet) world was dazzled and confused by a focus on the deli counter staple. While jars of the sour spears are present in many refrigerators, rarely have they been used to flavor everything from slushes to […]

Pickle Bloody Mary Mix Is A Brunch Game-Changer

By Lindsay Funston Delish  A Pickle Bloody Mary is the new pickle trend!   Don’t trust people who don’t love Bloody Mary’s. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. They’re the ultimate brunch partner—they cure your hangovers, they go great with everything from chicken & waffles to burgers, and they’re so complex: salty, spicy, and briny. […]

Texans Eat Pickles At The Movie Theater, And They Think Everyone Else Does Too

By: Zachary Shared  Pickles are the best snack at the movie theater!   They say you learn something new every day, and sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that we don’t know as much about the world (or even our own country) as we think we do. Take the great state of Texas for example. […]

Pickle-flavored candy canes add some flavor to the holidays

By: Jenson Strock The Daily News   (Source: Accoutrements) Make pickle flavored candy canes a big dill this Christmas !!   TOLEDO (WTOL) – Looking for Christmas goodies for people lacking a sweet tooth can put you in a bit of a pickle. But now, your mind can rest easy. Pickle-flavored candy canes are coming back […]