This ‘Pickle On A Christmas Tree’ Tradition Is The Best

By: Valerie Williams Scary Mommy  Your kids will look forward to this pickle ornament tradition every year!   If you’ve ever seen a pickle ornament on someone’s Christmas tree and wondered what the heck that was all about, buckle up — we have a little story for you. Oh, and once you hear it, you’re going […]

Local company tops pickle pizza craze

By: Liz Shepard Times Herald Rhino’s Pizzeria’S Big Dill Pizza in New York. (Photo: Tracy Malloy)   LEXINGTON – It’s hard to not love pizza. The crunch of a good crust, melted gooey mozzarella, some Parmesan and maybe basil and garlic. And the endless choice in toppings. But a new trend has emerged and a local […]

Head to Cidercade For Their Dill Pickle Cider

By Catherine Downes D magazine  Dill Pickle Cider!!! Last Monday night was riddled with losses. First, I lost at several rounds of Mortal Kombat. And then, I lost at Mario Kart. I never lose at Mario Kart. And finally, after 30 sweat-inducing, swear-word-fueled minutes spent shooting zombies in House of the Dead 2, rounds away […]

As pickles conquer the mainstream, are they still a Jewish food?

By Stephen Silver JTA Are pickles still a Jewish food ? (David Kindler/Flickr)   PHILADELPHIA (JTA) — When many folks of a certain age and demographic think of pickles, their thoughts likely drift back to memories of the pickle bar at their favorite deli, or of talkative vendors on New York City’s Lower East Side. […]

Can fermented food fight off colds?

By ANDY CASTILLO Daily Hampshire Gazette  The organic dill and garlic dill pickles start with locally-grown organic cukes. Contributed Photo by Real Pickles/Valley Lightworks Greenfield MA There are many time-honored ways to preserve vegetables, such as canning or freezing. But one method actually helps foster healthy gut bacteria, which can boost the immune system and […]