New deep-fried foods at the N.C. State Fair

BY ANDREA WEIGL – Charlotte Observer State fair food vendors are always in search of the next big deep-fried thing. They hope to create a deep-fried delicacy that will join the ranks of the N.C. State Fair’s greatest hits: deep-fried candy Snickers, deep-fried HoHos and the Krispy Kreme cheeseburger. Several vendors will share samples […]

Smash Cucumbers Before Brining For Fast, Tasty Pickles

by HEATHER YAMADA-HOSLEY – Lifehacker Australia When you’re craving pickles, nothing else will do. Quick pickles can satisfy your cravings in a few minutes, but often lack the flavour of their cooked-and-cooled cousins. If you smash those cucumbers before pickling, you can get the best of both worlds. A classic Chinese side dish, smashed cucumber pickles absorb […]

Make your own pickles without all the hard work involved, at online store Goosebumps Pickles.

APOORVA SRIPATHI   –   The Hindu Pickles are one of the greatest comforts of life. We’ve all grown up amidst bottles and bottles of homemade and store-bought ones; some of us with more enterprising mothers would’ve eagerly awaited summer to watch mangoes being cut lovingly, slathered in masala and oil, and being bottled for days […]

The Portland Pickles Baseball Team

There’s a new summer collegiate wood-bat baseball league starting with six teams in Oregon and California.  One team out of Portland, Oregon is the Portland Pickles! The Portland Pickles released their team colors earlier this week which include green (of course), gray and navy. Their mascot will be Dillon which they tout as the ‘greatest […]

There’s pork in our pickle jar

By Aatish Nath   –   The Times of India Home chefs are cashing in on a new demand for pickles that are made with meat Kairi, already tangy, takes on an ability to have you involuntarily squint when eaten pickled. The unripe mango, floating in coral red oil, along with mustard and fenugreek seeds, […]