Embrace the heat of jalapenos

by BETHANY GRABER – BostonGlobe.com – JULY 28, 2015 Summer is the perfect time to embrace the heat — of hot peppers. The green jalapeno is relatively mild, but just spicy enough to raise the hairs on your arms. Their heat lies primarily in their internal seeds and pith, which can be removed easily by cutting […]

Cascabella Pepper Seeds

People call Tito’s asking where to buy cascabella pepper seeds.  Tito’s bulk resources for cascabella pepper seeds are of little use to these callers.  As such, we wish to provide some resources for seeds that will yield cascabellas.  While Tito’s does not endorse any of the resources provided here at least we can confirm that the […]

Tour de Jalapeno Bike Race & Tour

Tito’s is proud to sponsor this years Tour de Jalapeno bike race & tour taking place in San Marcos, Texas on August 2, 2015.  Tito’s is even prouder that the organizers of the Tour de Jalapeno had to make a last minute announcement after picking up the jalapenos last week.  Per the Tour de Jalapeno Facebook […]

Pickle party: annual canning event draws fans from all over to Delmont

By Marcus Traxler on Jul 25, 2015 at 12:52 p.m. – www.mitchellrepublic.com DELMONT — They’re claimed to be “the best pickles you’ve ever had.” It’s a big statement, sure. But there may be justification for the Grosz family’s pickles. About 50 people—some traveling up to three hours away—recently spent their entire Saturday on a pickle-making […]

Burger lovers like to heat things up in Australia

David Johns | July 24, 2015, 9:00 AM | GUARDIAN EXPRESS WEST Australian burger lovers like it hot, according to new research released by fast food chain McDonald’s. Statistics gathered by the company show that WA customers were more likely to add jalapenos to their burger than customers in any other State. The research follows […]