BY NICK RALLO   –   –  Dallas, TX Everything is hot. The steering wheel, the bridge, those metal birds in Deep Ellum, the hose nozzle out back, Jim Schutze and the mailbox are all like smoking nuclear rods. Yesterday I grabbed a metal chair that had been sitting outside on a bright patio, and now I […]

Food Notes: ‘Pickle addict’ wins Akron contest

By Katie Byard  Beacon Journal staff writer Yeah, yeah, yeah … I relished the assignment. And it was a cuke contest. Those puns are courtesy of Beacon Journal colleague Jim Mackinnon, about my task of helping to judge this year’s Pickle Making Contest, organized by the nonprofit Downtown Akron Partnership. This was the fifth year […]

Pickles and ice cream promo markets new U maternity ward

By Jeremy Olson Star Tribune Pickles & Ice Cream might sound like the latest Minnesota State Fair craze, but it is actually a new marketing gimmick that the University of Minnesota Medical Center has launched to compete in the crowded world of maternity care.  Starting late last week, a food truck bearing the “M Health” […]

People’s Pharmacy: Lotion’s acidity neutralizes jalapeno burn

by Joe Graedon M.S.   – Q. I de-seeded 15 jalapenos without using gloves, so of course afterward my hands were burning. My daughter-in-law said that her grandfather had always told her to apply “something creamy,” so I rubbed on some AmLactin I normally use for dry skin. The burning stopped almost immediately! I hope you […]

Tsukemono! The Wonderful World of Japanese Pickles

by Linda Lombardi – Originally published by – 8/14/2015 When we think of pickles in the US, it’s mostly the spear along with our sandwich or the slices on a burger. When I was growing up we had two types, sweet and sour. And maybe there were some pickled beets in the fridge that I refused to […]