This Dutch Family Has Been Pickling Vegetables Longer Than You

BY CRISTIANA TERWILLIGER – There’s at least one food truck on every street corner these days, but driving around with a cart full of edible items is hardly a new concept. Being a food vendor in the Netherlands has been an occupation here since 1850. Roasted chestnuts, fish, and pastries used to be sold […]

A different kind of cucumber: Sea cucumber operation gets more than $30,000 from province

Staff, The Telegram – CAPE BROYLE  – Cape Broyle Sea Products Ltd. is getting a cash injection from the provincial government to help with its sea cucumber operation on the Southern Shore. The $30,157 grant comes out of the Fisheries Technology and New Opportunities Program, and will help the company hire consultants to look at technology […]

Reporter’s Notebook: Spicy assignment too much to stomach

By Anthony Clark Carpio  — I’m willing to try anything once, especially when it comes to food. Being Filipino, I’ve naturally tried balut, a common Philippines dish consisting of a duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell. I’ve had fermented, or stinky, tofu, a popular dish at the 626 Night Market […]

Vast variety of pickles adds flavor – sans salt – to ‘Pickle Annie’s’ life

By Jane Kwiatkowski Radlich | News Staff Reporter  – The metallic green nail polish says it all for Ann Jordan who is also known as Pickle Annie. Pickle-making is her pastime, and so far Jordan and her husband, Alan, have come up with 20 unusual pickle flavors they sell at various farmers markets in […]

Pickling days are here

By Jesse Davis for The Farmers’ Market – published on We are a long way off from Nov. 14, the official National Pickle Day, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone at the Grand Rapids Farmers’ Market from picking up bushels of cucumbers along with fresh dill, garlic and the occasional hot pepper […]