Food trends: Hong Kong restaurants turn to pickling own ingredients

Pickling is an integral part of Asian and Latin cuisines. Chefs at two Hong Kong restaurants tell us why they are making their own. Janice Leung Hayes – Until recently, making your own pickles would have had you labelled a grandma, but nowadays many restaurants are happily offering their own jarred creations. Vinny Lauria, […]

The Pickle Authority

Posted by Tom Gaertner on July 28, 2015 – Anyone visiting the WauwatosaNOW homepage may have taken note that in the lower right hand corner under MOST POPULAR for the last month or so the Gas Pains blog about How to Make Crispy, Crunchy, Sweet Pickles has been in the pole position or close […]

Embrace the heat of jalapenos

by BETHANY GRABER – – JULY 28, 2015 Summer is the perfect time to embrace the heat — of hot peppers. The green jalapeno is relatively mild, but just spicy enough to raise the hairs on your arms. Their heat lies primarily in their internal seeds and pith, which can be removed easily by cutting […]

Cascabella Pepper Seeds

People call Tito’s asking where to buy cascabella pepper seeds.  Tito’s bulk resources for cascabella pepper seeds are of little use to these callers.  As such, we wish to provide some resources for seeds that will yield cascabellas.  While Tito’s does not endorse any of the resources provided here at least we can confirm that the […]

Tour de Jalapeno Bike Race & Tour

Tito’s is proud to sponsor this years Tour de Jalapeno bike race & tour taking place in San Marcos, Texas on August 2, 2015.  Tito’s is even prouder that the organizers of the Tour de Jalapeno had to make a last minute announcement after picking up the jalapenos last week.  Per the Tour de Jalapeno Facebook […]