Don’t get in a pickle with preserving, says chef Jamie Scott

by Jamie Scott   –   The Courier At the restaurant fermentation and preserving are just as important to us as local sourcing and seasonal cooking, says Jamie Scott, chef patron of The Newport. That’s  because, in my opinion, it enhances certain foods by manipulating and prolonging its existence. A combination of both preservation and fermentation – […]

Bacon Pickle Fries Are Your New Dream Snack

By Kate Streit   – There is no question that pickles are having a moment. There is an entire restaurant dedicated to pickles in New York City, and recipes featuring pickles are popping up everywhere, from pickle mozzarella sticks to pickle cupcakes. The pickle craze certainly shows no signs of stopping! Now, pickles are combining with another superstar ingredient to be […]

Recipe of the week: Pica pau (quick-fried beef with pickles)

WRITTEN BY: NEWS DESK  –   The Caterer Pica pau means ‘woodpecker’, and you eat this dish with a cocktail stick, picking pieces up and gobbling them a bit like its namesake would. My version uses beef fillet; if you ask your butcher to give you the tail ends of the fillet it will be a lot […]

Jalapeño Popper Dip is Your Favorite New Make-Ahead Appetizer

BY: BESSIE MCDONALD-GUSSACK   –   Food Network Canada Everything you love in a jalapeño popper is whirred into a cheesy, party-perfect dip. Spicy jalapeños, crispy bacon, cream cheese and a crunchy topping come together for a delicious, ultra-indulgent dip. Serve this up with veggies and tortilla chips at your next party for a crowd-pleasing riff on the new-classic appetizer. Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 50 minutes […]

You Don’t Need Fancy Tools To Clean Peppers

By Sam Bithoney   –   Skillet Peppers, of any variety, are a pain in the ass. Irregularly shaped, filled with bitter ribs and somewhere between 12 and 850,000 tiny seeds that make their way into the darker recesses of your kitchen, hoping to be found one day by anthropologists who proclaim “They were just like us!” Mankind […]