Recipe for refrigerator pickles

Catherine Smart   –   Boston Globe Makes 1 quart These fresh, snappy dill pickles take minutes and will keep for a month in the fridge, no canning required. Store in a clean quart-size jar. 2 medium thick-skinned cucumbers (about 1½ pounds), halved cross-wise and cut into 2-inch spears 1 small bunch fresh dill 1 […]

Giardiniera Pickles Recipe

By Tammy Kimbler   –   Mother Earth News Giardiniera Pickles Giardiniera comes from the word giardino, or garden in Italian, and is literally a garden pickle. The vegetable combination is very flexible, but the flavor profile usually includes at least hot and sweet peppers. This pickle is meant to be made from what you have on […]

Chutneys and pickles with Rosa Mashiter

By West Country Life As we are in October, it is clear-out time, especially in the gardens and allotments, and time to do something with those tomatoes which have failed to ripen, as well as use up windfall fruit and perhaps the last of those runner beans which are not really now at their best. […]

Vivian Howard Parties with Pickles on ‘A Chef’s Life’

Gillie Houston   – For most, pickles represent a source of salty brine and satisfying crunch; for others, they represent much more. “Cucumber pickles are a way of life here in eastern North Carolina,” Chef Vivian Howard says in the promo for the next episode of A Chef’s Life.This week, Howard visits a cucumber […]

Pickle some garlic for the flavor of fall

By Brian Henry, The Peterborough Examiner We commonly associate pickles with cucumbers, but pickles are any foods that have been preserved in a seasoned brine or acetic acid. The pickle menu includes such foods as mangoes, mushrooms, eggs and pig’s feet. I have tried pickled elk and moose meat as well. The source for acetic […]