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You Need To Know About Pickle Vodka

It’s what your Bloody Mary’s been missing. BY HANNAH DOOLIN   –  DELISH It’s definitely been the “summer of the pickle” in the Delish kitchen. All season long, we’ve served up recipes incorporating crunchy dills in every way possible, from pickle pasta saladto bacon pickle fries, and though the process has renewed our love of the zesty snack, we’ll admit to […]

Introducing a new vodka made with pickles

This is a creative mixture between America’s favorite healthy snack and a favorite type of alcoholic drink. By Lito Dela Cruz –   Curated by Tiffany Bailey   –   Blasting News Delish recently reported a new form of vodka that is made with picklesrecently launched by a distillery company. The September 7 article said that this new variety of #Vodka is loved by drinkers who […]

Move Aside Mango Pickle, Time to Indulge in Meat (Non-Vegetarian) Pickles

By Plavaneeta Borah    –   NDTV Undeniably, pickle or achaar is the most favorite condiment in Indian cuisine. There are so many different lip-smacking options to choose from that meal time in an Indian household is never dull or short on flavor. While there are many ingredients that go into the making of regional Indian […]

Jalapeno Spiced Beef Short Rib Tacos

Jalapeno Spiced Beef Short Rib Tacos – 24 Stuffed Tacos  4 pound bone in chuck short rib roast 2 tablespoons barbecue spice 2 tablespoons chipotle powder 2 tablespoons steak seasoning 2 tablespoon smoked sea salt .25 cups canola or sunflower oil 24 each 4″ flour tortillas 2 cups prepared pico 2 cups salsa verde 1 […]


DISASTER RESPONSE, RELIEF, AND RECOVERY FOR TEXAS UNITED WAYS As communities across Texas are facing Hurricane Harvey, United Ways across the state are there to help their communities in their recovery. Local United Ways often coordinate a community’s response and make sure the most vulnerable have the help that they need. In addition, United Ways […]

Nutrition: Pickled, fermented foods are great for gut health

By Brenda Schwerdt   –   Duluth News Tribune Fermented foods are a health trend now, as they should be. There are many documented benefits to items such as yogurt and kimchi, but what about pickled foods? Let’s examine what the culinary and nutritional differences are between fermented foods and pickled foods. Both fermenting and pickling are […]

Catherine’s Pickled Blueberries

3 3-inch cinnamon sticks 1 teaspoon whole cloves 1 teaspoon whole allspice berries 1½ cups red wine vinegar 2 quarts fresh blueberries, washed and picked over 1 cup white sugar 1 cup brown sugar Place the cinnamon sticks, cloves and allspice berries onto the center of an 8-inch square piece of cheesecloth. Gather together the […]

Spice Up Your Cocktails with Homemade Jalapeño Tequila

Add some heat to that margarita or Paloma with jalapenos BY CAREY JONES   –   Tasting Table Spicy cocktails have never been hotter (pardon the pun). Bar goers can’t get enough of drinks that pack a little heat; in fact, even bars that don’t have a spicy margarita on the menu will hear requests […]

Into the briny deep: fermented pickles

By JOHN I. CARNEY ~ jcarney@t-g.com   –   Times-Gazette When I first took a taste of one of my fermented pickles last month, it was a major disappointment. It had an off taste — almost a carbonated, soda-water taste. Oh, well, I thought. Chalk it up to experience. It turns out I hadn’t been […]