It’s National Nacho Day! Here’s where you can get the cheesy stuff in Columbia

BY SUSAN ARDIS   –   The State Monday, Nov. 6, is National Nacho Day and you know you want them. In their perfect form, there’s nothing better — crispy, warm, slightly salty chips and gooey melted cheese. You can stop there or embellish with added ingredients like sour cream and jalapenos, refried beans, onions, salsa, pulled […]

Pickles Pair Perfect With Long Workouts and Races

by Marjorie Korn   –   Men’s Journal Ask any endurance athlete his beef with sports nutrition products and he’ll tell you they tend to be sickly sweet. Citrusy drinks, chocolate goo, and fruity beans are tolerable for the first dozen miles but can turn revolting in the final stretch—just when you need energy to power through the […]


BY BLAKE RODGERS   –   Nerdist   We’re really not sure how to feel about this recipe. Cupcakes are a wonderful thing, and on the other side of the flavor spectrum, pickles are a delicious treat. There’s no reason people shouldn’t enjoy them but should they be enjoyed within the same bite? A recent YouTube video released […]

Wordwise: Of chile the pepper and Chile the country

By Gerald Lauzon, Cornwall Standard-Freeholder From early contact in Central America between Spanish explorers and Aztec folk, local spicy peppers — primarily the jalapeño type — were noted as “chiles” (pronounced “chill-ays”). Other similar fruits were also tagged as “chiles” — a term which had the indigenous sense “hot-to-the-taste.” Later, hot peppers were more specifically named […]

Snicker if You Must, But Seattle’s Pickling Movement is Impressive

Salty or sweet, funky or fresh, these preserved foods improve every meal. BY: CHELSEA LIN – Seattle Magazine There are few foods as polarizing as pickled foods: You either love the fermented funk of these preserved foods, with their vinegary punch and abrasive saltiness, or you can’t stand ’em. We’re happily in the former camp. And […]