Spicy Food Longevity: Bring In Those Jalapeños, Study Suggests Hot Foods Might Make You Live Longer!

By Victoria Guerra – foodworldnews.com Not everyone can handle spicy additions to their regular food intake, but the newest research on the subject shows that those who favor this kind of flavors might actually live longer, as it appears that spicy food and longevity are connected in a way. According to The New York Times, the spicy […]

Pickle eaters take on Porubsky’s at County Fair competition

By Celia Llopis-Jepsen – cjonline.com Think twice before challenging 15-year-old Alex Bayless to a pickle-eating contest. On Saturday, the Washburn Rural High School student successfully defended his title as Porubsky’s dill pickle-eating champion at the Shawnee County Fair, making him the two-year winner. His tips for aspiring speed-eaters eyeing next year’s competition? “All I did was […]

Market Fresh Finds: Slicing into the cucumber question: to pickle or not to pickle?

By Vicki Ivy for The Columbian The cucumber season is in full swing, and that means it’s time to decide what varieties of this versatile vegetable to buy and what to do with them. Cucumbers are the perfect snack with only 8 calories per half-cup serving. Over 90 percent water, high in Vitamin K, they […]

New Rogue Chipotle Whiskey Aims To Spice Things Up

By NINO MARCHETTI – thewhiskeywash.com Flavored whiskey, as always, is an odd bird of a category for this spirit type. There certainly is a market for it, though if you suggest that’s mostly women I would say you are quite wrong on that in this day and age. Distillers love to see what, shall we say, unique concoctions they […]

Food trends: Hong Kong restaurants turn to pickling own ingredients

Pickling is an integral part of Asian and Latin cuisines. Chefs at two Hong Kong restaurants tell us why they are making their own. Janice Leung Hayes – scmp.com Until recently, making your own pickles would have had you labelled a grandma, but nowadays many restaurants are happily offering their own jarred creations. Vinny Lauria, […]