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Traditional fermentation at the heart of Japan’s healthy diet

ADAM JAMES The Australian The practice of fermentation in food can be traced to the very ­beginnings of civilisation when early humans discovered an al­chemy that allowed them to preserve ingredients so they could be eaten year-round. Almost every culture on earth practises fermentation in some way. But in Japan, fermentation is integral to the […]

Trade talks heat up over jalapeño chiles

Chile growers want to prevent other countries from using the names jalapeño and chipotle. Another commodity has the potential to apply some heat to trade talks between Mexico and the European Union.  Earlier this month, Mexican cheese makers demanded the right to sell cheese using European names while negotiators from the European Union want designation of origin protection […]

Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Fried Jalapenos

GLUTEN FREE· MAIN· PALEO· RECIPES· SIDES· SOUPS & STEWS· VEGAN· VEGETARIAN Reposted from Isabel Eats This Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Fried Jalapeños is thick, creamy and loaded with healthy veggies. It’s also gluten free, paleo, vegetarian and vegan! If you’re looking to sneak in some vegetables into your diet, pureed soup recipes like this cauliflower soup are your best friend. Made with […]

Dagwood’s in Vero Beach delivers big on flavor, quality and friendliness

By Maribeth Renne, Special to TCPalm Make sure you also try the Philly cheese steak dip, an excellent sandwich loaded with tender, perfectly seasoned eye prime beef and sautéed onions, peppers and mushrooms and a layer of melted provolone cheese. It comes with a cup of beef au’jus for added flavor. Dagwood’s makes tuna salad just the […]

Here’s how to make a Closed-On-Sunday Chicken Sandwich

By SHARON LITTE • Times News  “Why question the chicken crossing the road? Seems a bit judgmental.” — said me just now I currently reside in this little village called Nashville. You’ve probably heard of it. Nashville is well known for quite a few things. Country music, honky-tonk bars and hot chicken are some of our shiny […]

Don’t get in a pickle with preserving, says chef Jamie Scott

by Jamie Scott   –   The Courier At the restaurant fermentation and preserving are just as important to us as local sourcing and seasonal cooking, says Jamie Scott, chef patron of The Newport. That’s  because, in my opinion, it enhances certain foods by manipulating and prolonging its existence. A combination of both preservation and fermentation – […]

Bacon Pickle Fries Are Your New Dream Snack

By Kate Streit   –   Magicvalley.com There is no question that pickles are having a moment. There is an entire restaurant dedicated to pickles in New York City, and recipes featuring pickles are popping up everywhere, from pickle mozzarella sticks to pickle cupcakes. The pickle craze certainly shows no signs of stopping! Now, pickles are combining with another superstar ingredient to be […]

Turning a pickle into prosperity

By Susanna McLeod, Kingston Whig-Standard Aboard the ocean liner RMS Empress of Britain in the summer of 1939, the family from Holland breathed a sigh of relief. The horrors of what became the Holocaust were vanishing into the distance. The palpable threat by Hitler to Jews made life impossible in Europe, and they fled. Now the […]

Are Christmas pickle ornaments really a German tradition?

By Anja Samy   –   The Local de Hang a shining… pickle… on the highest bough? The Weihnachtsgurke, or Christmas Pickle, is supposedly a classic German tradition. But it may not be quite as traditional – or German – as you’d expect. Legend has it that when Germans decorate their Christmas tree, the very last ornament they […]

Recipe of the week: Pica pau (quick-fried beef with pickles)

WRITTEN BY: NEWS DESK  –   The Caterer Pica pau means ‘woodpecker’, and you eat this dish with a cocktail stick, picking pieces up and gobbling them a bit like its namesake would. My version uses beef fillet; if you ask your butcher to give you the tail ends of the fillet it will be a lot […]