Sausages, potatoes, mustardy dressing and pickles

By Rose Prince   –   The Telegraph This is a bit New York-deli, with a creamy dressing flavored with dill, and mild vinegar pickles, but also English chipolatas and waxy potatoes. An easy dish that works well hot, on its own, but also cold, with charcuterie, smoked fish, cheese and bread. MAKES 20 bowls INGREDIENTS […]

TV exec shares Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles

Jan D’Atri, Special for The Republic | Jan’s Rescued Recipes: Jack Clifford has found right balance of sweet and sour for delicious, crisp pickle Looking to give a gift from the kitchen this year? Try a recipe from the man who gifted us with the creation of the Food Network, longtime Arizona resident Jack […]

Sharky’s Texas Torpedo

Try this amazing sandwich featuring jalapenos from Sharky’s. Randy Ruben with Sharky’s Bar and Grill in North Dallas makes a steak sandwich called the Texas Torpedo. 6 ounces of thinly stripped (philly steak cut) rib eye steak 1 slice of onion 6 slices of jalapeno 2 ounces butter 4 ounces of queso (Velvetta Cheese and […]

IPA Pickles

RECIPE BY JACKIE DODD / PHOTO BY PHOTO BY ED RUDOLPH; STYLING BY MARCELLA CAPASSO   –   DRAFTMAG.COM You’ll want to whip up extras of these easy-to-make pickles, and keep them on hand through the holidays. They make thoughtful host gifts or in-a-pinch presents for coworkers you forgot to put on your list. Plus, […]

How do you like your eggs?

By Lorraine Pascale   –   Todmorden News Simplicity is key for Lorraine Pascale. “It’s the way I live and the way I eat,” explains the chef, discussing the essence behind her latest book, Eating Well Made Easy. “There’s no faff – just chop it up and throw it in.” It’s this understated approach to delivering […]