Replacing Your Bun With a Pickle Is the Best Thing Ever

By Holly Van Hare, Editor   –   The Daily Meal At this point, these low carb alternatives aren’t even making logical sense Just eat the carbs, already. Please. We’ve seen tomato buns, eggplant buns, lettuce buns, and even buns made out of a whole avocado. Sprinkled with sesame seeds, an avocado basically the same thing as […]

The One Thing You Haven’t Ordered at Campisi’s: the Secret Off-Menu Burger

BY NICK RALLO   –   Dallas Observer Every staff member who hears the order is beaming with excitement. Chef Nacho Zagala hustles over to the table, still in his apron. He’s also wearing a bright smile. Moments later, general manager Jim Evans approaches quickly with the same thrill. “You like it?” Zagala asks, extending his hand for a […]

Walmart updates a Southern classic with fruit punch pickles

By Aly Walansky   –   TODAY Pickles are having a moment. From the pickle ice pops that recently got a lot of heads turning to the discovery that football players like to chug pickle juice, it looks we’ve come a long way since simple pickle back shots and fried dill slices. The latest wacky pickle product is something […]

Not hot dogs, not pies — these contestants compete eating jalapeños

By IKE FREDREGILL   –   Laramie Boomerang Huddled over plastic bowls filled with plump green jalapeños, a row of contestants sweated under Laramie’s midday sun Thursday and waited for the wail of an air horn. Once sounded, the Flaming Gorge Jalapeno Eating Contest entered its eighth year as flaming-hot jalapeno peppers were gobbled […]

Galion Pickle Run Festival celebrates the 4th of July all weekend

By Tracy Geibel, Staff Reporter Richland Source GALION — The Galion Pickle Run Festival celebrates the Fourth of July early. The annual Independence Day celebration takes place Saturday, July 1 and Sunday, July 2, complete with baseball, a parade and fireworks. “We think this is a good opportunity for you to come out and show your support for […]