A two-week pickle festival returns to the Lower East Side

Originally published by TimeOut on May 29th, 2024 Written By Christina Izzo It’s kind of a big dill. It’s a pickle-lovers paradise: for two weeks next month, 2 Rivington Street will transform into a wonderland of half-sours, bread-and-butters, dilly cukes, cute cornichons and good ol’ gherkins. Yes, Grillo’s Pickles is back for their second annual pickle-themed […]

Grillo’s Pickles has unveiled new packaging to prevent spillage. It’s gone viral.

Originally published by The Boston Globe on May 6, 2024 Written By Dana Gerber Pickle fans, rejoice: Diving into a fresh jar of Grillo’s spears is about to get a whole lot easier. The Westwood-based pickle company recently unveiled new twist-top packaging, designed to sidestep the vinegary spillage common with its previous containers, which required snackers […]

It’s Officially Pickle Season at Trader Joe’s — Here Are The Best Pickle-Flavored Products To Look For

Originally published by All Recipes on May 19, 2022 Written By Bailey Fink If you’re as pickle obsessed as we are, then you need to hit up your local Trader Joe’s ASAP. The cult-favorite grocery chain has officially entered their pickle season with the introduction of two new limited-time products: Dill Pickle Mini Falafel and […]

People either love or hate Disneyland’s bizarre new drink

Originally published by SFGATE on May 15th, 2024 Written By Julie Tremaine First, the pickles came for TikTok. Then, it was Disneyland.   Friends, be warned: Pickles are coming for your Disney park snacks. First, it was the pickle dog, a pickle-stuffed corn dog (served with, of all things, peanut butter on the side). Then it was a pickle […]

Trader Joe’s Just Brought Back Its Fan-Favorite Summer Condiment and Shoppers Say ‘I’ll Take 10’

Originally published by Parade on May 16th, 2024 Written By Kenn Bivins The good times are definitely rolling with this one.   As far as flavors go, there aren’t too many more polarizing than the salty, sour taste of pickles. Briny, tangy, pungent, vinegary—you either love them enough to mix them into your Dr. Pepper or unequivocally hate […]