A different kind of cucumber: Sea cucumber operation gets more than $30,000 from province

Staff, The Telegram – atlanticfarmfocus.ca

CAPE BROYLE  – Cape Broyle Sea Products Ltd. is getting a cash injection from the provincial government to help with its sea cucumber operation on the Southern Shore.

The $30,157 grant comes out of the Fisheries Technology and New Opportunities Program, and will help the company hire consultants to look at technology and processes, according to a news release from the provincial government. That work will include market analysis, research into processing methods, a productivity evaluation and research into new processing technology in other jurisdictions.

“Cape Broyle Sea Products Ltd. is committed to advancing the sea cucumber business in the province and we greatly appreciate the Provincial Government’s support. We believe this project will help us further develop our product line and improve efficiencies as we move forward,” Edgar Coffey, senior manager of the company, said in the release.

The government notes that any processing improvements that come out of this project can also benefit other sea cucumber processing operations in the province.

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