Cascabella Pepper Seeds

People call Tito’s asking where to buy cascabella pepper seeds.  Tito’s bulk resources for cascabella pepper seeds are of little use to these callers.  As such, we wish to provide some resources for seeds that will yield cascabellas.  While Tito’s does not endorse any of the resources provided here at least we can confirm that the images associated with their products appear to be cascabellas and not some other variety of yellow chile peppers that are often confused with real cascabella peppers.

Here is one resource that is a very reputable seed company:

Cascabella Hot Peppers Pack/ 10

Non-Treated Seeds

Description: 85 days. Capsicum annuum. Cascabella pepper plant produces good yields of 1 ¾” long by ¾” wide conical shaped hot peppers. Cascabella peppers have thick skin and turns from creamy-yellow, to orange, to red when mature. Plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers. Most often used when creamy-yellow. An excellent pickling variety. United States Department of Agriculture, NSL 20162. A variety from the USA. pk/10

Directions per website:

Hot Pepper Seed Planting Information (per website):

Some hot pepper varieties come from tropical humid regions and some varieties come from dry desert regions. The temperature, moisture, and air circulation all play a role in growing plants from seeds. Too little heat, too much moisture, and lack of air circulation will cause poor results. Do not use jiffy peat pots, plugs, or potting soil as the soil becomes too dry or too wet, which can lead to disease and fungus. We have experienced disease and low germination when using these types of products. Use Miracle Gro Seed Starting Material for best germination results. Read theHot Pepper Growing Tips and Planting Instructions for information on growing hot peppers from seeds. Please take time to watch the Hot Pepper Planting Instructions Movie . Plants can grow 1 to 7 ft tall.


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