Chili with Jalapeño Cornbread | Chowboy Republic – Virginia Beach

By Patrick Evans-Hylton   –   The Virginian-Pilot

Chili with Jalapeño Cornbread

Chowboy Republic

Chili, a type of stew, has many variations, but a good, basic chili con carne is always a delight. The savory, sometimes fiery, mix of meat, tomatoes, chili peppers, garlic, onion and seasonings is filling, and fulfilling.

One of my favorite chilis comes from Chowboy Republic, and is close to what most folks think of as a classic example. This bowl of red is so filled with good things that the spoon practically stands on its on in the center of the bowl.

There is some heat, but not too much. There is a lot of richness and earthiness from the seasonings. Some great cornbread, peppered with jalapenos, is a great accompaniment.


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