Embrace the heat of jalapenos

by BETHANY GRABER – BostonGlobe.com – JULY 28, 2015

Summer is the perfect time to embrace the heat — of hot peppers. The green jalapeno is relatively mild, but just spicy enough to raise the hairs on your arms. Their heat lies primarily in their internal seeds and pith, which can be removed easily by cutting off the pepper’s top and using a small spoon or knife to scoop them out (or since some like it hot, they can be left in to up the heat level). These delightful petit peppers (also in yellow and purple) pack a raw punch, but cooking brings out their sweetness. Slice them lengthwise. Fill them with a mixture of cream cheese, fresh corn, and a dash of paprika, and bake them for an easy appetizer. Char them on the grill whole to give them a smoky quality; then chop for salsa or guacamole or puree them whole with garlic, olive oil, lime juice, plain yogurt, and cilantro to create a creamy sauce for fish or chicken. Get them while they’re hot. Available at farmers’ markets and farm stands.

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