For That Final Flourish, a Flavored Olive Oil

By:Florence Fabricant

New York Times 


Credit:Sonny Figueroa/The New York Times

Crushed lemon and jalapeño add zest and spice to products from McEvoy Ranch


Last year, McEvoy Ranch released a well-received olive oil seasoned with crushed lemons local to its Petaluma, Calif., location. This year, they’ve added a companion, an oil made with jalapeños. For both, the lemons or chiles are crushed with the olives. The jalapeño oil has a delightfully grassy, vegetal allure, with moderate heat. The lemon oil gets a boost from black pepper. Both are seasoning oils, to gloss and flavor a dish just before serving.
McEvoy Ranch Lemon and Jalapeño Olive Oils, $25 for 375 milliliters,