Fried pickle spears are back at Alamo Drafthouse. Check out what’s on the new Mega Menu.

Originally Published by: Austin-American Statesman on July 7, 2023

Written by: Matthew Odam


The Hellfire Burger, made with hot pepper cheese and reaper pepper mayo, is a new menu item at Alamo Drafthouse


Take away people’s fried pickle spears at your own peril.

The Alamo Drafthouse received the message loud and clear. The pickles are back after a two-year absence and no small amount of complaining from Drafthouse faithful. The crunchy, tart, ranch-dipped appetizers are the headline addition to a fully revamped menu at the Austin-based Drafthouse.

Here’s what else you need to know about the updates to the new menu that rolls out at the Drafthouse Friday:

Why did the pickles disappear and why are they back?

The pickles vanished in the summer of 2021, but “The supply chain eased, and the people demanded them,” according to Alamo Drafthouse operations chef Jason Schwartz. The pickles are coming back as full spears after the Drafthouse experimented with a thin-cut pickle fry that was, “pretty good but not what the Alamo loyalist had come to expect,” according to Schwartz.