Jalapeno Twinkies: Sales are, well, hot

Perhaps fair vendors lie awake at night dreaming of the most unusual foods to blend together into a dish at the Kansas State Fair.

Shelly Starks and Robert Base with the Carousel Cafe came up with Jalapeno Twinkies to add to their menu.

“The past two days they’ve been really selling,” said Christopher Michael, manager of the Carousel Cafe.

To prepare this delicacy, Michael very carefully slices Twinkies in half lengthwise. Then he places three to four jalapenos inside and puts it back together and dips it in funnel cake batter. Then he lightly fries each side for 30 seconds and then sprinkles the finished product with powdered sugar.

If you like Twinkies and you like jalapenos, why wouldn’t you like Jalapeno Twinkies? Yum.

Cost: $6

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