Pickle-flavored candy canes add some flavor to the holidays

By: Jenson Strock The Daily News   (Source: Accoutrements) Make pickle flavored candy canes a big dill this Christmas !!   TOLEDO (WTOL) – Looking for Christmas goodies for people lacking a sweet tooth can put you in a bit of a pickle. But now, your mind can rest easy. Pickle-flavored candy canes are coming back […]

Your Cocktail Game in a Pickle? Not Until You Try This Flavored Vodka

By Molly Fosco Ozy  Why not have pickle- flavored Vodka ? Photo By: ozy   There’s nothing quite like biting into a cold, crisp dill pickle fresh out of the jar. And if you’re pickle-obsessed like me, you’ve probably sneaked a few sips of the mouth-puckering brine too. Why do some people think it’s weird […]

This ‘Pickle On A Christmas Tree’ Tradition Is The Best

By: Valerie Williams Scary Mommy  Your kids will look forward to this pickle ornament tradition every year!   If you’ve ever seen a pickle ornament on someone’s Christmas tree and wondered what the heck that was all about, buckle up — we have a little story for you. Oh, and once you hear it, you’re going […]

Local company tops pickle pizza craze

By: Liz Shepard Times Herald Rhino’s Pizzeria’S Big Dill Pizza in New York. (Photo: Tracy Malloy)   LEXINGTON – It’s hard to not love pizza. The crunch of a good crust, melted gooey mozzarella, some Parmesan and maybe basil and garlic. And the endless choice in toppings. But a new trend has emerged and a local […]

Head to Cidercade For Their Dill Pickle Cider

By Catherine Downes D magazine  Dill Pickle Cider!!! Last Monday night was riddled with losses. First, I lost at several rounds of Mortal Kombat. And then, I lost at Mario Kart. I never lose at Mario Kart. And finally, after 30 sweat-inducing, swear-word-fueled minutes spent shooting zombies in House of the Dead 2, rounds away […]