Six Flags wins world record for hanging pickles on a tree

Six Flags Over Georgia has a new spot in the record books, and park president Dale Kaetzel is pickled pink about it. “Tonight, our guests were able to create a new family tradition during the most magical time of the season,” Kaetzel said. “Each guest who participated in our record attempt took home their very […]

There’s A New Pickle-Sized Avocado And It Doesn’t Have A Pit

By Bridget Sharkey   – Avocados are one of Mother Nature’s most delicious and versatile fruits. (Yes, avocados are a fruit!) And now farmers in Spain have made them even more spectacular by growing avocados without a pit. Known as ‘cocktail avocados,’ they are smaller than the average avocado, and instead are about the size of […]

With an eye on summer markets, classes teach Anchorage refugees pickling, fermentation

Author: Devin Kelly   –   Anchorage Daily News Hassan Gedi dipped tongs into a boiling pot and pulled out glass jars full of dark purple liquid. The jars contained pickled grapes marinating in brine. Next summer, Gedi, a 29-year-old refugee from Somalia, may be able to sell his own pickled goods at an Anchorage farmers market. “I would […]

Athletes are turning to pickle juice to prevent cramps, but how does it work?

CBS NEWS Many athletes rely on brands like Gatorade or Powerade to help with hydration and recovery, but a growing number are now turning to something tangy from a very different section of the supermarket: pickle juice, right out of the jar. Some athletes from high school to college to pro swear by it and […]

The world’s hottest chili pepper is so hot, it may be the last thing you eat — yes, really

By Alex Thomas  –  Rare Everybody has that one friend who can’t get enough of the heat on his food. He soaks his wings in some ungodly concoction that’s hotter-than-hell and downs jalapenos with ghost peppers like they’re breath mints. But, even those with an iron lining in their stomach will want to steer clear of the […]