Pick a peck of pickled peppers at Star Pickling

By Liz Teitz
Special to The Herald News

As you walk into Star Pickling Corp. in Swansea, you can smell the vinegar even before you open the door. It gets stronger as you step inside, into the small store where the shelves are lined with pickled vegetables — it almost made my eyes water, though others in the store didn’t seem phased. The store sells jars of preserved vegetables, most notably pickled peppers, which are popular in local Italian and Portuguese recipes, among others.

I counted at least 10 different varieties of peppers, as well as cauliflower, onions and lupini beans. The jars are sold not only in the small retail area of the pickling company, but also in local stores.

Their most popular product, though, is the pickling liquid itself, sold in gallon jugs for $5 each. There are two kinds of the mix, which is made mostly with water, vinegar and salt — yellow for preserving most vegetables, clear for onions and eggs.

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