Pickle Ice Cream? Yes, This Is Really a Thing

Pickle Ice Cream? Yes, This Is Really a Thing



When you love pickles as much as we do (and we’re not gonna lie…we love ’em to the point of taste-testing themmaking them at home and even drinking pickle juice straight out of the jar), then you might want to brace yourself for this exciting news: pickle ice cream is now a thing!

What? Pickle Ice Cream?

The Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. on Manhattan’s Upper West Side is serving up pickle soft-serve, along with Hong Kong-inspired dumplings, noodles, teas and, of course, pickles. We say “of course” because this briny-good storefront’s founder, Jacob Hadjigeorgis, is one pickle-obsessed foodie. (No judgments, Jacob, we feel you!) He first made his mark on the Upper West Side with his restaurant, Jacob’s Pickles, specializing in Southern food, artisanal beer and handmade pickles. Then came the ever-popular Maison Pickle, specializing in French dip sandwiches, cocktails and pickles.

Why We Crave It

Jacob describes his cooking style as “back to basics,” and when you think about it, pairing pickles with ice cream is as basic as you can get. Although it’s a classic pregnancy craving, you don’t have to be pregnant (or a woman) to groove on snacks that are both salty and sweet. In fact, we’re hard-wired to do so. Our brains crave variety!

What It Tastes Like

We’ve heard Jacob’s soft-serve pickle ice cream described as tasting something like “cucumber frozen yogurt,” which makes sense, since its main ingredient is fresh-pressed cucumber. But it also has a subtle tang to it, like a half-sour pickle that’s spent little time brining. Thanks to a combination of creamy, fresh and tangy flavors, it’s been called the perfect refreshing “palate cleanser” after eating spicy food (like dumplings and noodles).

How to Make Your Own

If you’re craving pickle ice cream right about now, you don’t have to wait for Jacob to open up a food shop near you. You can actually make your own version. Simply start with this recipe for lemon gelato, and in place of the lemon juice, substitute cucumber juice, and in place of the lemon peel, substitute grated pickles. You can even make the pickles yourself with this easy homemade pickle recipe!

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