POSH SNACK Victoria Beckham’s recipe for gluten-free jalapeno crackers costs fans £20 to make


Victoria Beckham’s recipe for gluten-free jalapeno crackers costs fans £20 to make

AFTER revealing a selection of her favourite recipes on her website, it’s no wonder Victoria Beckham maintains such a svelte figure.

The former Spice Girl has followed in the footsteps of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who has quirky lifestyle blog Goop, with her World Of Victoria Beckham website.


Victoria Beckham has been posting recipes on her lifestyle siteCredit: AFP or licensors

She has been posting recipes, as well as beauty and fashion tips and book and restaurant recommendations.

But her dishes need obscure and pricey ingredients and most people who attempt to make them would probably give up on the idea of eating altogether.

Ingred­ients include basic products we all have in our cupboards such as you know, tapioca flour, cassava flour, linseed and hemp seeds and avocado oil spray.

And the cheapest of the dishes — her VB jalapeno crackers — will cost £20.10 to create. For a snack.

 Victoria's jalapeno crackers will cost £20.10 to create

Victoria’s jalapeno crackers will cost £20.10 to createCredit: worldof.victoriabeckham.com

Posh this week posted a video of her making the spicy nibbles with daughter Harper and helpfully posted an online link to the recipe for vegan, gluten-free and more than likely taste-free nibbles on her website.

Victoria said: “Harper is making them into a nice little cracker shape.

“These are so good, I am honestly totally addicted to them.

“Really crunchy when they come out.” But if you do knock up the snacks and are still left feeling hungry you could always try Victoria’s “vitamin-rich grilled octopus”.


Posh’s nibbles are vegan, gluten-free… and more than likely taste-freeCredit: Getty – Contributor

It’s hailed as being “as delicious as it is healthy” but will set you back £50 — that is, if you managed to find one of the creatures down your local supermarket, of course.

Thankfully, the mum of four reassures us on her website, it’s “easy to make”.

Another “simplified and decoded” meal of black cod encourages the reader to go for two fillets.

Though you will struggle to get hold of them for less than £60.

She also has alternative recipes for the traditional apple crumble which is gluten, sugar and dairy-free and contains something called Xanthum gum.

I think I’ll stick to my Tesco meal deal, Vic.