That Chick’s Cheese… It’s Gouda Good

Originating from a family recipe, That Chick’s Cheese is a premium pimento cheese spread made with Gouda, a bland of three other cheeses, gluten free and only contains a natural preservative.

That Chick’s Cheese is a versatile pimento cheese enjoyed on sandwiches, biscuits, eggs, burgers, hot dogs, crackers, fruit, potatoes, quesadillas, celery, jalapenos, pickles and much more.  Replace the ice cream atop apple pie with That Chick’s Cheese or use it when baking tomato pie.  Stir in bacon, olives, jalapenos, pickles or other choices for additional flavor.  It’s great used as appetizers, entrees, desserts, or snacks.

That Chick’s Cheese Quesadilla