Tour de Jalapeno Bike Race & Tour

Tito’s is proud to sponsor this years Tour de Jalapeno bike race & tour taking place in San Marcos, Texas on August 2, 2015.  Tito’s is even prouder that the organizers of the Tour de Jalapeno had to make a last minute announcement after picking up the jalapenos last week.  Per the Tour de Jalapeno Facebook page:

“HOT Jalapeno Alert !!!!!!!
Tito’s Jalapeno’s are BIG and HOT…… Due to the large size and Heat we are adjusting the time deductions for each Jalapeno eaten from 2 minutes to 5 Minutes.

This brilliant event incorporates a race where riders have the opportunity to stop at two different stations where they can consume as many jalapenos as possible and for each jalapeno eaten 5 minutes (historically two minutes) will be deducted from their total time.

Riders will be enjoying Tito’s dill pickle juice at all rest stops and those who are brave enough to will have an opportunity to eat all of the whole jalapenos they can handle in an effort to reduce their overall times.  Everyone who comes out gets a package of sliced jalapenos in their riders kits.  This is going to be a great event and Tito’s is proud to sponsor it!

Tour de Jalapeno Logo


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