20 Pickle-Flavored Foods That Are Popping Up Everywhere

Originally published by Microsoft on June 11th, 2024

Written By Sara Nelson

Pickle-flavored foods and drinks are popping up everywhere, and let’s face it, the pickle craze is taking over. It’s like pickles got tired of being the sidekick and decided to steal the spotlight. From snacks to beverages, these tangy treats are infiltrating menus and grocery aisles with a vengeance. Whether you’re a pickle fanatic or just pickle-curious, there’s no escaping this briny invasion. Buckle up, because pickles aren’t just for sandwiches anymore.

Pickle Beer

Picture a beer that combines the tangy bite of pickles with the crisp refreshment of a cold brew. Perfect for hot days or whenever you’re feeling adventurous, this pickle beer shakes up your routine with its unique flavor combo. Breweries like Urban Artifact and Best Maid have been crafting these pickle-infused brews. Whether you’re a seasoned beer lover or just looking for something new, this pickle beer promises an unforgettable taste journey. So, why not take the plunge and see what all the buzz is about?

Pickle-Flavored Gum

Ever wanted to keep that pickle tang with you all day? Well, now you can with pickle-flavored gum. Yep, you heard that right. Pickle. Flavored. Gum. It’s the perfect choice for those who love a good dill pickle and aren’t afraid to show it. Each piece hits you with that unmistakable dill and brine punch, so your breath stays as fresh as a jar of pickles. Whether you’re a bold flavor adventurer or just want to be the person with the most interesting gum at the party, this is your ticket. It’s a surefire way to spark conversations and raise a few eyebrows. Companies like Archie McPhee have been known to dabble in quirky flavors, so keep an eye out.

Pickle-Flavored Ice Cream

Pickle ice cream might sound like a culinary dare, but it’s actually gaining quite the fan base. Vendors often start with a creamy vanilla base and infuse it with pickle brine and bits of pickles. The result? A tangy and sweet combination that’s sure to surprise your taste buds. Some creameries even roll it out as a seasonal special. Toppings like a sprinkle of sea salt or a drizzle of dill pickle juice can take the experience up a notch. Whether you’re a flavor adventurer or just curious, pickle ice cream is a must-try, whether you prefer it in a cone or a cup.

Dill Pickle Pistachios

Dill pickle pistachios – now there’s a snack that’s sure to make you do a double-take. Infused with the zesty punch of dill and just the right hint of tanginess, these nuts are a surefire way to jazz up your snack game. Perfect for parties, road trips, or even a midday pick-me-up, these pistachios bring together the rich, buttery taste of nuts with the bold flavor of dill pickles. Whether you munch on them solo or toss them into a snack mix, these pistachios are bound to add an extra kick to your day. One brand, Giants, has caught onto this trend, so you know where to look.

Pickle-Flavored Candy

Let’s talk about pickle-flavored candy. It’s a playful twist on your everyday sweets, ranging from hard candies to gummy bears, all infused with that unmistakable dill pickle essence. Many people find the sweet-and-sour combo to be oddly satisfying. Brands like Archie McPhee and Vat19 have been known to dive into these quirky flavors. For the pickle enthusiasts out there, these candies also make for great quirky gifts or party favors. Love it or hate it, pickle-flavored candy is definitely turning heads in the world of sweets.

Pickle-Flavored Freeze Pops

Let’s cool down with a fun twist on a classic summer treat: pickle-flavored freeze pops. These icy delights offer a refreshing pickle flavor that’s both surprising and, dare I say, delightful. Perfect for those scorching summer days or whenever you need a quick, flavorful refreshment. Companies like Van Holten’s have jumped on the pickle freeze pop train.

Dill Pickle Hot Sauce

Ever thought dill pickles and hot sauce should team up? Well, someone did, and now we have this zesty concoction. It takes that crisp, herbal dill pickle flavor and gives it a spicy kick. Perfect for drizzling over tacos, eggs, or even mixing into your favorite dressings. It’s like your food just got a personality upgrade. If you’re a spice lover looking to shake things up, this hot sauce is your new best friend.

Pickle-Flavored Soda