We Tried New Spicy Dill Pickle Goldfish

Originally published by Sporked on June 17th, 2024

Written By Gwynedd Stuart


Credit: Liv Averett / PR Newswire

New Goldfish flavors don’t come around every day, so we were stoked to discover that Spicy Dill Pickle Goldfish would be swimming into stores for a limited time this summer. Granted, we’ve tried some other spicy pickle products that didn’t exactly hit (seriously, take heed when microwaving spicy pickle popcorn), but we needed to find out whether dill pickle would rank among the best Goldfish flavors. Here’s our honest review.

Spicy Dill Pickle Goldfish

When I did a full taste test of every Goldfish flavor we could find, flavor-blasted fish reigned supreme. But I’ve always been a Parmesan Goldfish purist at heart. There’s something about the simplicity of salty, nutty cheese baked into a small, toasty fish-shaped cracker that really hits the spot—no big, bold flavors needed. That’s where these new Goldfish falter. They’re flavor blasted, sure, but they’re sorely missing that baked-in flavor.

Pros: Spicy Dill Pickle Goldfish are very pickle-y. Upon first bite, they slap you in the face with briny, salty flavor and a modest pop of heat. If you’re a true pickle lover, it’s a good first impression!

Cons: Once you’ve gotten past that initial burst of flavor, Spicy Dill Pickle Goldfish are a little disappointing, mostly because the crackers themselves are so blah without any cheesy flavor baked in. The best pickle flavored snacks have something to counteract or complement the briny tang of pickle flavoring. The best pickle potato chips (the top four, in fact) are kettle chips. Know why? The oily nature of the chip works with the pickle seasoning to create a well-rounded snack. A plain Goldfish cracker doesn’t really bring anything to the table here. However, if they’d put this seasoning on Cheddar or Parm Goldfish, this would be a much better snack.